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My current most used essential oils

You guys know I am an essential oil NUT. Even though I haven’t been active in my Wellness Advocate business for Doterra for a while, taking time out to just chill and look after myself and my family, I have still be avidly using and loving my oils. If you are drawn to the oils to help support you and your family’s health and happiness, I am more than happy to help guide you with them.

They are such a constant in my life. Dependant on what is going on with my health at the time, I will make blends, using my Essential Life book as a guide, mixing single oils from my collection with Fractionated coconut oil, in a roller (I buy the FCO and the rollers from Doterra) and apply them daily.

Topical use of oils is mostly what I go for, diluted in a roller, but also inhaling neat straight from the bottle for a quick fix – creating an ambience in a room via is awesome but I feel like for more bang for my buck I like to put oils directly on (or in) my body.

I have my stalwarts, that I go to ALWAYS. Adaptive blend for everyday calm. Lavender at bedtime. And choosing from one of the kids’ kit (not just for kids – this is like my family kit!) depending on how crazy I am feeling that day! (Usually Rescuer – it’s bad if I reach for that one! Or Steady – for grounding as I tend to be a bit flighty.)

I thought I would share a few blends and also single oils that I am using to support current health issues. These are always changing, so I will share these posts every few months as and when I find a blend that really is effective.

An essential oil blend for hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) support

A while ago, I had a blood test that revealed an under-active thyroid. Now this fluctuates. I was just over the line. So, instead of taking thyroid meds, I decided to attack it with oils. I use this blend on my throat, daily. I went back for tests twice since and there is no longer a thyroid issue.

7 drops Lemongrass

5 drops Peppermint

3 drops Clove

3 drops Frankincense

3 drops Myrrh

  • Add above drops to 10ml roller. Top up with FCO. Shake and use once a day on the throat.

An essential oil blend for liver support

So, I have been on my sobriety journey for 5 years! I have had long periods off, then returned in stressed out times, too. Hey, no lies here, just honesty 100%! It’s been a very revealing and deep journey into who I am. Now? Hopefully, forever? I am sober. I just love sobriety. It gives me a direct line to my true self, to my spirituality, to what aligns. But it’s not always easy not drinking in a world obsessed with booze! Anyway, I knew I wanted to give my liver some love, especially after a serious sober wobble over the summer (read: I drank wine all summer, resetting in September). I forgive myself these stumbles. I come back to myself. This is a great blend for anyone, drinker or not. Interestingly this and the above blend share 2 ingredients – both great stimulators (and inexpensive, too!) – lemongrass and clove.

8 drops Geranium

6 drops Lemongrass

3 drops Clove

3 drops Thyme

  • Add above drops to 10ml roller. Top up with FCO. Shake and use once a day on your right side under the ribs, where your liver is located.

Vetiver essential oil for sleep

Oh Vetiver. The little known (relative to Lavender, anyway) star that you are! Vetiver is a thick, golden brown tree sap. It smells of cathedrals. I adore it. It takes so long to drip from the bottle, even the experience of accessing the oil is meditative. I simply wait for two drops straight from the bottle and slick them on my soles of feet then rub the rest on my palms and inhale for the most amazing sedative that deeply relaxes and gives you the best sleep.

Oregano essential oil for virus fighting

I got a cold over the weekend. I hardly ever get sick enough to lie down on the couch for the day. But I was that sick – and for two days I did almost nothing. It was really hard. I hated it. I felt depressed. But I allowed myself time to be poorly and to recover. All the while I used Oregano for its antiviral properties, diluted in a roller on the soles of my feet. I now use it nightly in the same way to keep bugs at bay. Oregano is a hot oil so just use on feet – and always dilute. It’s funny, Oregano comes in the kit many people start with and is the oil most people say – I don’t know what to do with it! Well, now you know!

Tamer or Zengest essential oil blends for IBS

I have gone back to gluten free after an IBS flare up recently. IBS is basically a lazy term for ‘we don’t know what’s up so we’ll just cal it IBS!’. Safe to say, I have an emotionally-led IBS situation, and also I know I am sensitive to gluten and less so, but still, dairy. I am gluten free right now, and very low in my dairy. But not 100% free. This, along with some Zengest and Tamer (the kids’ kit tummy blend), seem to be making my tummy very happy after a week of painful bloating and – sorry, TMI – gas. Zengest in particular has helped me in the some really painful situations. I couldn’t live without it. I just grab it and pop a few drops direct on my belly (I should dilute but sometimes I am too lazy to and I know it works just as well for me this way!), or I add a drop to herbal tea.

Frankincense essential oil for pituitary support (prolactinoma)

I have a prolactinoma. This is a benign tumour on my pituitary gland. It was discovered about 4 1/2 years ago. I take medication for it. But also I wanted to add to that some natural support. Frankincense is one of the only substances to be able to break through the blood-brain barrier. It supports brain health and also hormone health. I love to anoint my forehead with Frank, every day. It’s also great for skin, and an emotional and spiritual tool, too.

Those are my current faves with the oils, in terms of my health. What are your favourite ways to use the oils, and why? If you have any oil questions, pop them below and I will be happy to answer.

If you want to get in touch regarding the oils, email me.

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  1. Rachel
    February 22, 2023 / 4:07 pm

    Hi, have you tried to go off medication and see if the frankincense helps your prolactinoma? I have the same condition and want to try this

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