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How to Reduce Toxins in Your Home

low tox life - how to reduce toxins in your home

I think now most of us are pretty aware that most household products contain a whole ton of toxins, right? For me I was very much aware, but it felt really overwhelming as I knew just how bad it was, having read books on it and seen stuff online. It was a case of ‘head in the sand’ for a while though as I just didn’t have the head space to address it. You feel the same? I get it! It’s important – this is our family’s health we are talking about. But I don’t have time to research and find all the best products. And, well, life just gets in the way. So we keep chucking the same old toxic products into our shopping trollies, right??!

Here’s the thing: I am a busy mum of three. I need quick info and quick solutions. And I know you guys do too. That’s what this is about for me. Spreading awareness about a healthier, effective way of running our homes.

Go low tox in the most important areas!

I am very much an all in or all out kinda person. I did try the 100% toxin free approach, but I found it too much. I went FULL ECO a few years back. But I burnt out. It was too hard. Think about it: every product you use has crap in it that is damaging our bodies and our family’s health – as well as the planet. How on earth do we start if we just want to attack the main areas? I got overwhelmed quickly when I tried to be perfect. So I know now that perfection isn’t an option for me. No tox is just too hard.

What I like about the ‘low tox’ approach is that it recognises that toxins are everywhere, but we also can only do what we can. So we choose to prioritise which products are the ones we will address. Let’s hit up the ones that have the biggest health implications.

How do they get away with it?!

A quick word first on just HOW the big companies get away with putting this rubbish in our products and (this is what gets me so angry) marketing them as natural, healthy, and essential. When in fact they are unnatural as hell, positively damaging to our health, and mostly completely unnecessary. You see, big companies know about this loophole. Yes the products contain toxins in. But only in small amounts that our bodies can cope with – much like if you drink moderately your liver can mostly handle it (hey that’s a whole other blog post though, eh?!). You get the idea.

However – think about it – you get up and drink a glass of tap water, then you brush your teeth, you shower with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and follow with lotion, moisturiser, deodorant. You spray on perfume and then put a washing load on. You eat strawberries straight from the punnet. You plug in an air freshener and spray the sofa with febreeze (as the smelly dog has been sitting on it). You catch my drift?

Every thing I have mentioned above, every product you would use, even the glass of water and the strawberries. They all contain toxins. If you, like most people, choose regular, cheap products and non filtered water, non organic food. Well, that’s a lot of toxins in your system.

Our modern day health problems have a lot to do with toxins…

Thanks to vaccines we now have eliminated many old diseases, but it their place new health issues have come to the fore – fertility problems, skin problems, a surge in certain cancers, endocrine problems, breathing issues. It’s widely believed that the proliferation of toxins in our environment is a contributing factor to many of these. Add to that the fast pace of life, with increased stress and less human connection. Well, it’s a recipe for disaster.

I have become really interested in the idea of a holistic home. That a home itself can be a facilitator of mind, body and spirit wellbeing.

It doesn’t make much sense that we come home to relax, to rest, to cleanse, to feed, to gather – if the place is chock full of poisonous toxins, does it?

So, enough of the bad news. There is plenty to smile about.

Here’s what you do: prioritise, and get equipped with ONE kit to go low tox

It’s actually easy to get rid of a whole host of the worst offenders. You choose products that are low tox.

I am a doTERRA wellness advocate. One of the best things about doTERRA that I am most passionate about, is their commitment to a more natural, healthy lifestyle. Not only do they offer the purest, most potent essential oils on the planet (that are sustainably sourced by farmers who are prospering because of doTERRA), but they also offer essential oils-based products that are clean and green. And, effective. (Because if they’re not I don’t want them!)

I did a talk about low tox life. Check out the video or the slides here if you want to watch the whole thing.

In it I cover the following areas and how to get more natural in each one: fragrance, washing, toiletries, food, self-care, and everyday health. For me, these are the top things to attack in the family home. And the great news is, you can attack all these things whatever your budget.

From buying a lemon oil and then equipping yourself with bits and bobs from Amazon if you are on a budget r you love to DIY, to getting a ready made kit from doTERRA – I have something to get your and your home low tox’ed up to the hilt!

I put together a custom kit that has all the best doterra products for you to live a vastly ‘cleaner’, toxin-reduced life at home. All these products are amazing.

PS there are a ton of other kits to choose from. Or, just go ahead and create your own.

Get my custom kit: low tox life (all the essentials to be super low tox): £182.50

All my fave choices for a low tox home!

To get the above kit: go to my website. Click Join and Save. Follow all the prompts. Add all these items to your basket. I will send you the wild orange. That’s it.

Or: fill in this order form, stating that you want the Low Tox Custom Kit. And I will process it for you.

If you want to get the extras that I recommend, covering low tox cleaning, bathing, and also a book which goes deeper into the subject then check out my Amazon list for DIY low tox essentials.

I know, for me, I don’t want to get bogged down in the science. I am simply too busy. Give me a kit of products that work and I know and trust to be low tox. That’s what I want. This is what I have created here.

Any Q’s, give me a shout and I am happy to help.


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