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Getting Started with Essential Oils

Essential oils. Ah, even saying those two words somehow activates pleasure and relaxation in me. The very idea that we can capture the essence of a flower, a plant, of bark or a seed, and harness its incredible (I do not use that word lightly) regenerative, restorative powers for ourselves… well, it just never fails to blow me away.

It’s safe to say – I will NEVER tire of essential oils.

They have given me so much. Support in times of sadness, despair, craving. An anchor when I feel joyous or excited (maybe even choosing one that will bring me down a little if I’m too excited!). A tool, really so practical, when I cannot sleep, or I need focus, or I want to feel abundant, alert, or forgiving.

It’s a cliche. But you know those really cheesy t-shirts on amazon that say ‘There’s an oil for that!’ – yeah, well, it’s true. Something. For. Every. Occasion. There is a reason the oils community is full of mainly women who are just crazy about oils. It’s an incredible toolkit to carry with you! Not as many men, but some, which always interests me (I think this is because we feel a strong affinity with the mother nature power of oils).

So, how do you get started with oils? I get this question a lot. It’s overwhelming, I get it. There are so many oils, blends, and what even is carrier oil??! Can I put in on my face, on my kids? Is it safe to ingest? Sheesh kebab. No wonder lots of women message me feeling drawn (always go towards things you are drawn to my friend, life is just too short not to listen to what the heart wants), but some end up just getting busy or distracted and maybe just feel over-awed and lose out on getting set up.

So I wanted to create a blog post covering all the pertinent (as far as I’m concerned) info about how to do this.

Essential Oils are effective natural solutions to everyday health problems that affect all of us

Sleep, anxiety, indigestion, skin problems, spots, dandruff, cuts and grazes – the list goes on. My attitude is try nature first, then if you still need more go see a doctor or visit the pharmacy. It’s interesting that pharmacy stock (often crappy) oils now. And also that the doctors are moving towards holistic interventions more and more. I atcually know a GP who, and many nurses who are part of the DoTerra family.

Use oils topically, internally (only DoTerra, only certain oils and only very carefully – see below), or diffuse them to take them into your body and let your body and mind benefit from them.

How do oils work – the (really important) basics

Every Tuesday evening at 7pm UK time I do a live class on my Zoom about Essential Oils 101 – what they are, how they work, and why I choose DoTerra specifically (this is not a sales pitch; it’s 100% relevant to the discussion around efficacy and purity).

I’ll try to summarise here in really simple terms.

They are derived from plants. Leaves, bark, seed. Mainly using a steam extraction. From countries all over the world. They vary in price according to how much of the plant it takes to create an oil. Rose is the most expensive for example because it takes 240,000 petals to make the oil!

When you sniff an oil you take it in your body. Let me repeat that: you are imbibing an oil when you smell it! Isn’t that amazing?! That’s because oils are volatile compounds that evaporate into the ether really easily and quickly.

Sniff an oil, and it travels up your nose, via your follicles, into your brain, via the limbic system. This is the part of your brain responsible for emotions, memories – how you react to things. The properties of the plant, the experience of smelling it, can take you to a different place just with a quick sniff.

Each plant has unique properties. So, sniffing wild orange when you feel depressed can help you feel a little happier. Sniffing lavender at bedtime will help you relax. Jasmine will make you feel transported to a holiday in Greece – and therefore may be just the ticket on a wet Monday morning on the work commute!

How can you take oils? And what is carrier oil?

There are several ways to take oils.

Topical – this just means apply to skin. Many oils you could apply neat. Some oils are ‘hot’ so these must not be, as they are likely to cause a reaction. Hot oils include: Cassia · Cinnamon Bark · Clove · Oregano · Thyme. These oils must always be diluted with a carrier oil.

Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils so that they do not irritate the skin. I always use fractionated coconut oil from DoTerra. It can be as simple as squirting a little carrier into your hand and adding a couple of drops of the oil you like. But I prefer to make rollers of my favourite oils: get a 10ml roller, add 25 drops of the oil, and top up with carrier. You can buy rollers, carrier and even roller stickers from DoTerra. It’s a great way to get to know and use your oils, and also it works out cheaper making your own rollers than buying them ready made into diluted rollers. Topical use is my favourite way to use oils. I carry rollers with me everywhere! I often layer up oils. Maybe I would apply lavender, then chamomile, then ylang ylang for a lovely nighttime experience. Great places to apply topically are soles of feet (lots of wonderful receptors there and less sensitive), on the arms, behind ears, pulse points etc.

Diffusing – this has become so popular in recent times. Probably due to everyone becoming more aware of quite how hideously toxic air fresheners are. I love to diffuse for ambience and a more subtle atmospheric vibe. Right now I have Spearmint and Wild Orange diffusing as I type. Gorgeous. I choose oils that have the properties I want. For example orange is about abundance and spearmint is great for confidence. So it’s a great work combination!

Internal – this is a very contentious issue, so my advice is always if you don’t dig it, don’t do it – there are other options so it’s not to stress over. If you google ‘is it safe to ingest oils?’, then the overriding advice is no, it’s not. Which is correct. However, there are certain oils (ONLY by DoTerra which are CPTG) that are OK to enjoy (1 or 2 drops) in a large glass (always glass or metal, never plastic as it seeps into the plastic and vice versa) of water. Lemon or orange. Peppermint too. All excellent in water and very health giving. I also take a drop of Frankincense under my tongue for cellular health. Likewise DoTerra have blends that are great for immunity, detox, and brain health. Here is the real key info: not all oils are created equal. Think about it. If you sell a cheap oil, you have to have cheap methods, pay the farmers next to nothing, and top up with cheap synthetics. By contrast, DoTerra use the most exacting methods, they get the best natural products from farmers who they pay very well, (not just that but they go in and help communities rebuild themselves by setting up something called co-impact sourcing and helping those communities thrive).

Energetics of oils – for me this is the real magic

Yes, of course, I love the practical side of oils. There huge range of uses in the home and on our bodies. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the energetics of oils. The journey they take you on, and the inisght they provide into our inner knowing. The book The Gifts of the Essential Oils is amazing on this subject. I’ll give you an example. Not long ago I was stuck, so I turned to the oils, and I chose 5 oils that I just felt very drawn to.

Here’s what came up: Chamomile; Basil; Patchouli; Coriander; Clary Sage. I looked up in the book, and the advice they provided was EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

Chamomile: be gentle with yourself. Basil: clear toxic energy, reset. Patchouli: find solitude. Coriander: nourish your wellbeing. Clary Sage: clarity, focus.

Wow, right? Considering I was thinking about my next move work wise after a break to look after my health and focus on my family and sobriety, this was really spot on for me.

Now, this is next level stuff for the hippies amongst us. But seriously, this is where my heart lies. It’s like a magical avenue into what your soul needs.

Just gorgeous.

So, how do I get started? This is the kit I recommend to all my starters…

The really handy thing here is that DoTerra have created enrolment kits. The best one to start with is the kit which contains the top ten oils. These oils cover every base. Every need. They may not contain your favourite smells (I added the ones I wanted to the kits I wanted when I started) but trust me, each oil in this kit will be used.

When you buy a kit you save a bucket of money. You also waive the enrolment fee. This fee is like when you set up a Costco account – you pay £24 to receive membership benefits, which are: 25% off RRP; access to loyalty rewards points (LRP) which is a monthly order (optional) where you accumulate points (like a Boots card) which you can spend back on products; chance to get a free product every month when you buy 125PV (about £90); access to Facebook education and community which are key to getting the most out of the oils experience. Last but not least, all enrolled customers of mine get 1 hour wellness consultation with me on Zoom every few months to keep on track. I am training as a coach so this part is really fun for me and always chock full of good advice and also just really lovely for both of us to connect.

The kit I think you should start with…

The Family Essentials contains all 10 top oils that cover all bases. It’s £112.75. This is a great kit. You will save a lot of money buying this kit and be covered in all areas. Oils in this kit are 5ml, so they have 85 drops per bottle – remember you only need 25 drops in a roller, which will last a while.

However, to save even more, the kit is upgraded in the Home Essentials to full size 15ml bottles (apart from Deep Blue which is always 5ml) plus you get a diffuser which is a must have. For twice the price you get a further third extra product here plus a full size Frankincense which is worth £76 retail price! THIS is the kit I recommend to all my starters. It’s £239 and this would cost you a lot more if you bought them all individually.

Here are the top oils in these starter kits and what I use them for:

  • Lavender – bedtime, bath-time, for cuts and grazes, for any situation (it’s an adaptogenic so you can use it for anything and it works!)
  • Oregano – sore throats, viruses, gut health – always dilute or take in a veggie cap
  • Frankincense – on your skin it’s amazing, under your tongue for brain health
  • Lemon – in hot water, everyday. For cleaning too! Gorgeous when diffused with mint
  • Peppermint – love this for energy and buoyancy in water plus diffusing with orange
  • Tea Tree – on spots, in shampoo for dandruff or funky scalp, also lovely diffused in a stinky kitchen
  • On Guard – diffuse in Autumn for spiced aromas, or take internally for immunity, great for energetic boundaries too
  • Air – purify the air in a diffuser, or rub on chest before exercise
  • Deep Blue – just incredible in massage – especially on head tension spots

Why DoTerra?

DoTerra CPTG oils are the best in the world – CPTG means Certified Pure Tested Grade – which is a testing system DoTerra themselves have created (the EO world is unregulated so they wanted to introduce something) and which you can use to measure other oils against if you so wish – there is a website, google ‘sourced to you’. This by turn, also means they are the most effective. Watch this video for more info on what CPTG means.

They have a foundation, Healing Hands which you can learn more about here. I mean, I could write a huge blog post on this alone. But the video does a better job!

I am a bit in love with DoTerra. Everyone in the company I have come across, their well known and lesser known advocates. Some high profile people who I adore in the sober community, some incredible writers, well-respected yogis – the list goes on of those who choose to become DoTerra distributors. They are just a bunch of very empowered, nature-loving women. Not just that but the company and the advocates deliver so much personal growth to their teams, it’s just unreal. Every call with Elena Brower, whose team I am in, has nothing to do with sales training, or anything like that. I usually cry. It’s poetic! My own direct team is just amazing, and I have made friends for life. This company attracts heart-centred, creative women who want to make a difference in the world, but who are equally ambitious and unapologetic about that. This is infectious. You will become this way too the more you interact with this company, I’m telling you.

They are a female-empowering, charitable, amazing company. The work they do is incredible. The network marketing model has had a bad press, but DoTerra are absolutely smashing that negative perception – its retention rate and commission models are better than any other. As a stay at home mum, network marketing allows me to run a beautiful business (which can ebb and flow with my busy life – this is key as a mum first and foremost!) with a product I am obsessed with, surrounded by brilliant women, and enabling me to connect with other women and help to empower them, too. Not just with these amazing oils, but with a business if they so choose.

Other gorgeous kits that I highly recommend:

Kids’ Collection – I started with this kit!! It’s beyond gorgeous, and the rollers ‘do what they say on the tin’. Brave, Steady, Calm, Rescuer, Strong, Tamer – these blends are gorgeous and come in cute rollers with a little bag.

Natural Solutions Kit – this is the kit that says, I want all in to this new lifestyle. It comes with a ton of DoTerra natural products like toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, Deep Blue rub, the amazing supplements, just a huge amount of value here for a great lifestyle overhaul. A big self care treat.

My personal favourite oils that you might wish to add on – plus essential add ons

  • Balance – Mummy’s healthy little secret. Balance just creates space and helps calm reactivity – every day on my feet
  • Adaptiv – I don’t go anywhere without it – for anxiety and just LIFE it is my 100% fave oil blend
  • Serenity – for bedtime, always
  • InTune – for my ADHD but also a beautiful purefume
  • Plus always add on FCO, some rollers and some stickers for easy identification. Veggie caps if you wish to take hot oils internally (like oregano).
  • Finally, and these are not from DoTerra but I highly recommend the books, Gifts of the Essential Oils, and Essential Life – the two bibles for oils as far as I am concerned. Visit this store to buy them.

FAQs!! I get asked these things a lot – but if your question isn’t here then email me!

  • What does enrolment mean?
    • It simply means you are becoming a member and you get member benefits, that’s it. You are not obliged to do anything once you become a member and you can just enjoy your cheaper kit!
  • Do I have to enrol?
    • Nope. Buy retail if you like, but it’s 25% more expensive and you miss out on a lot of other stuff.
  • Can I just buy without enrolling?
    • Yes, from my store. Go to Shop instead of Join and Save.
  • How’d I become a Wellness Advocate?
    • Go to my store, click Join and Save, and select Wellness Advocate. Or email me here and we can chat in more depth. Even if you decide to do this and then change your mind, there is no tie in, nothing, so don’t worry.
  • Is there a minimum spend?
    • No. But if you spend 125PV you get a free product.
  • Is DoTerra a pyramid scheme?
    • I actually love this question and I get it a lot. Pyramid schemes are illegal. They are about recruiting members and getting paid to do that. They are a con. DoTerra is networking marketing, which is 100%, completely and utterly different. There are literally no similarities. If I grow a team of my own, which is what I choose to do, then I get commission and bonuses according to my success. I support my team members to grow their business.
  • What is network marketing?
    • Direct selling via word of mouth. That’s it. You buy off a mum at school, instead of Amazon or a store on the street. I know who I would rather support! Then that person who buys from me stays as a customer, or some of them love it so much they wish to set up as a distributor too, staying small and just paying for their own oils, or going for it and growing a genuinely ceiling-less business that fits in with their family.
  • I want in. What do I do now?
    • I highly recommend the home essentials kit. This kit has the top ten oils, with 1/3 more than the family essentials. So it’s the best value by far. Go to my store. Click Join and Save. Choose the Home Essentials Kit and any other stuff you like. If you want support from me to do this, I would be just super honoured to help you. Simply message me on social and I will Facetime you, or email me here to set up a Zoom.
  • I’m interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate in your team! What do I do? I still have questions…
    • Awesome! Let’s set up a call. Email me! Or message me on Insta.

Order Now and Get Started!

  1. Go to my website
  2. Click Join and Save
  3. Choose your kit and any add ons (begin typing what the product is called and it will come up) I like to have the website open in another browser for this – if you have any issues at all just a quick message to me and I will assist you no matter the time!
  4. That’s it! You are in!
  5. Email me to organise your wellbeing consultation – a free 1 hour Zoom with me to talk over your goals and to help you get set up with your LRP order if you wish to!

Thanks for reading this far! Phew that was some long blog post! Remember that when you enrol as my customer, we will get to know each other, we will work together on your goals. I love my customers. They have become friends. I am so in love with welcoming women into this community! Please do reach out with any questions, no matter how silly you think they are – nothing is silly or obvious when you are new to oils. Contact on my Instagram or email


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