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Broccoli, pea and spinach soup

Feel like I haven’t done a recipe post for so long! But winning an award (really! this one) recently kind of renewed my faith in myself. Yes it was for best cooking vlog but in reality quick snaps of my cooking and writing up is so much more realistic than recording a video right now with baby Stanley only in his 5th week. Also I have really missed my blog. Having Stanley has reminded me of when I had baby Beatrix, and I got so much enjoyment from cooking and blogging. It was do-able and it gave me that creative outlet.

I am really getting back to my foodie roots at the mo – I’ve stepped away from the supermarket (a bit, anyway – still going to need a shop from there every two or three weeks I reckon but trying to reduce my reliance on them) and my new plan is to get a weekly Riverford seasonal organic fruit and veg box, meal plan around that (on a Tuesday) then on a Wednesday (today!) go into the village and buy from the butchers and from the fish van that comes around. I have the time now I am vlogging less, and more home focused with baby Stanley – who is just a total and utter joy by the way. I mean, I know I’m biased…

Yesterday we had this lush soup for lunch. I made it in, like, 20 minutes to use up some bendy broccoli, a bag of lacklustre spinach and some frozen peas up (trying to empty my freezer too at the moment). It was SO GOOD. With some delish bread from the local deli it was just such a nice way to get your greens. Especially since I have fallen off the summer nutribullet wagon, a warming Autumn bowl of soup seems more appropriate way to get your 5 a day right now.

Talking of falling off the wagon… (well, that’s not right at all actually, I haven’t fallen, I stepped willingly – big difference)… I have started having the odd drink again. I feel like I owe it to you lot to share this as you’re an important community to me and many of you have been there right since the start. And I shared the fact that I stopped with you all, so I want to be honest and open. So, yes, I am having a little glass of wine every now and then. I missed it, to be honest, the social wine with food thing mainly – like, once a week, if that. Seriously not a lot at all. On four occasions since Stan was born and mainly one, no more than two on those occasions. One night out too with the mums – and they are fine as long as I have all childcare in place and they are rare, which with 3 kids less face it they will be!! I am in a great place, and I feel good about my decision. I needed that time (almost a year!) off to reset and think things through. I keep alcohol at arms’ length now – I will never let it become a regular feature in my life again. It feels too good being healthy to ever do that.

I am also reading a book called The Outrun for my book club (join in!!) which happens (total coincidence, I promise!) to be about a young woman who has a fairly serious drinking problem (it definitely puts my issues into perspective). It is a STUNNING read. And I am finding it a stark and timely reminder of how destructive alcohol can be when misused.

So there you go – a soup recipe, a personal disclosure, and a book recommendation all in one post – it’s good to be back!!

Makes: enough for 6 people

Takes: 20 mins


1 head broccoli

1 onion, sliced

4 cloves garlic sliced

2 tablespoons olive oil

Half a bag of spinach

2 potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks

Big mugful of peas

About a litre of chicken or veg stock (less if you want a thicker soup)


Creme fraiche (as much as you like – I used about 150ml)


  1. Heat oil in a pan. Sweat onion, garlic off and add broccoli, potatoes and stock.
  2. Simmer until pots are cooked.
  3. Add spinach and peas and heat through. Whizz and add seasoning and creme fraiche to taste. Warm through to serve.



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