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5 ways to treat yourself

This post is about something that has become a bit of a cliche: the fact that us mums need to treat ourselves. Listen – cliches apart – we actually, really do. Our role in life as mum is to put others first. Kids mainly, but also our partners, especially if you are a stay at home mum. As a SAHM I have to prioritise my husband’s job at times – yes I have a part-time hobby-jobby in this blogging lark, but his job pays the bills so I have to be the one at home that keeps the cogs turning, the kids fed, the animals seen to. He does this stuff too – but the majority of the time it’s my job. And that’s more than OK: I chose this way, and we’re a team.

But that doesn’t mean we plough on like martyrs disregarding our own needs and care. If we do this, everyone suffers. We don’t feel good, we build up resentment which bubbles over into being snappy and miserable. Not looking after yourself genuinely has real life knock on effects. This self-care stuff; it really works. And you don’t always have to spend a bomb, either.

Here I am going to give you 5 prompts to do something nice for yourself – these are all ideas that require spending a bit more. But in the corresponding video below I have suggested 5 ways to treat yourself cheaply. In reality, most of us will treat ourselves and spend some dough every now and then, and have a few regular, cheaper treats. That’s a good balance. It’s just about making sure you are doing some things just for you.

I’ve included links to actually follow through and do something nice for yourself – get accountable – the only person that’s going to make you feel good is you. If you are strapped at the moment then check out the video below for some cheap or free ideas to do nice things instead! There really is no excuse: you are responsible for you being happy!


1. Order yourself REALLY POSH flowers (see above)

There is nothing like (and I feel giddy even thinking about it) ordering a really posh bouquet – for yourself. I am going to admit something, this is a total first for me. The lovely folks at Bloom Magic emailed and asked me if I’d like some flowers. Erm, yes please! It’s daft, but this is such a luxurious self care treat; it feels so indulgent, but we would spend the same amount on a pair of shoes, and I’d argue get less pleasure from it. The joy of flowers is they are beautiful to behold, to smell and see – it’s a feast purely for the senses; they are not practical in any way – and that’s why they are such a good treat.

Cost: about £38 for a bouquet like mine (pictured)

Do it: Order flowers online from Bloom Magic – Enter RACHEL10 at checkout for 10% off all bouquets!


2. Book in a Spa Day with a girlfriend

Now we are talking! One of my favourite things to do with a special female in my life is visit a local spa and spend a few hours there. What’s so great is that there are no distractions: just you, a lovely friend or relative, and the treatment to look forward to. No kids, no phones, no jobs, no chores. Many spas have deals on Groupon and similar sites, so it’s not that pricey. Often by calling direct you can get a good deal, with lunch or afternoon tea included. Most spas are cheaper Mon-Thurs daytime, so if you can get in then, try that to save some money. Check out the video for a cheaper way to do something similar!

Cost: from about £45 for a treatment, meal and use of facilities

Do it: The Good Spa Guide has a page full of offers for day spas


3. Go to a beauty counter and get a make up lesson

I did this for my wedding make up. But then why wait for a special occasion? I know SO many women – me included for years (but not anymore!) who neglect the way they look as they feel it is “frivolous” or “because I’m mainly just at home”. Well, because, because, because – it’s not good enough! Recently I have gone through a process of blooming myself – and I don’t mean my pregnancy. I quit booze first. Then I started to really look after myself. Part of his was realising that it mattered to me to look good – so I started to spend a little time and money on it (what I’d saved on wine!). It really works. So many people comment that I look well. It’s because I prioritise it now. I book that lash extension appointment, I buy that face serum. Because I’m worth it! (That sounds familiar…) Most make up counter lessons will cost about £15 plus but they will reimburse you with whatever you buy. Don’t feel you have to buy everything, but treat yourself on two things maybe – often then have a deal where if you buy two things you get a free bag of goodies! I love Bobbi Brown as they have classic colours and looks for all ages.

Cost: From about £15 (you claim that back against make up you buy)

Do it: Bobbi Brown offer make up lessons all over the country


4. Get fit

There are two types of people in this life (or so we are taught to think): those who like exercise and those who loathe it. Over recent years, I have dipped in and out of it. I love the feeling of having done exercise but I am lazy about doing it. This is something I am tackling head on right now. I am not getting any younger and it’s part me me looking and feeling better. Here’s the thing I’ve learned in my case: if I pay for it I am more likely to do it. I am learning this slowly but surely. From paying £10 a month for my Headspace (recommend that – just 10 mins a day – I do miss sometimes, but more often that not I do it), to paying out for Hypnobirthing classes instead of just buying that book and never reading it or doing the accompanying CD. If I have paid for it, I am ten times more likely to show up and put the work in. If you don’t like the idea of leaving the house to do exercise (that’s also me – aside from dog walking which I have to do as Hugo needs it, I’m rubbish at classes etc) then instead of a posh gym membership (great if that appeals to you and is more convenient) then how about finding a personal trainer. I am doing exactly this. We are meeting on Monday to get a routine (yes I am starting to exercise properly at 34 weeks’ pregnant, what of it?! LOL!) then she will visit me once a month to check in and check up, see how I am doing and give me a new routine – all at home. For the same price of a gym membership – cheaper I think actually. And I have no excuse to not do it because she will be knocking on my door! (Don’t worry when the baby comes I will not be doing anything until I get the all clear to do so.)

Cost: from £25-£50 a session for personal training / from £20-£50 a month for a gym membership

Do it: Find a gym near me | Find a personal trainer


5. Get an unlimited cinema pass and make a monthly date with a mate

What’s better than going to see a movie with a mate? When I bother to actually do it I always love it! It’s tempting when you’re a mum (and necessary at times) to put your PJs on at 7pm and flick aimlessly through the TV before hitting the sack at 9.40pm. That’s life, especially when the kids are little and you’re exhausted. But by booking a monthly date in the diary (last Thursday of the month or something) – and paying for an unlimited cinema pass that you can also use with your family, you are much more likely to do it. Often you feel tired because you are slumped in front of the telly; you fear you’ll be asleep if you go out but you actually won’t as the buzz of being out keeps you awake.

Cost: From £17.90 with cineworld (if you recommend a friend you get a month free)

Do it: Get a cineworld unlimited cinema pass

What ways do you take care of yourself? It doesn’t have to be about make up and cinema trips! Sometimes a hike in the countryside or even splashing out on an annual girls’ holiday is what’s needed? I’d love to hear all about it.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Bloom Magic. All links are no follow as per Google guidelines. All opinions are my own.


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