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How to style yourself for a wedding when pregnant

It’s a bit odd; but we don’t go to many weddings. We have lots of friends (honest!) but many of them have shunned traditional life plans, which normally involve getting hitched. So I don’t normally have that many weddings to attend, unlike so many people I know who seem to go to tons each summer. I’m not jealous or anything, really… Anyhoo – this summer I am attending two ‘evening dos’; one is Adam’s cousin, and one is a mum friend from school. Now, me being preggers (and getting rather large) I don’t want to spend much on an outfit, as I probably won’t wear it again. I mean, I’ll hang on to it for a while (just in case, you know, we decide to have MORE KIDS *everyone gasps*), but that’s a big ‘just in case’. And without being rude about the lovely brides and grooms who invited us, it’s not like either wedding is a best friend’s, or a very close family member’s do, in which case I may feel the urge to splurge – especially if I wasn’t pregnant – on something quite special. For this reason I didn’t want to spend more than £50 on a dress. (That said, why splurge, when you can get such great dresses for such a great price?)

I have chosen 5 maternity occasion dresses to try on in the below video, all from ASOS. Now, I don’t normally shop from them much, but I’ve been so inspired seeing other people’s hauls recently from there that I gave it a look – and I was REALLY impressed. I have chosen 5 quite similar, floaty, delicate dresses, much more so than my normal tastes. I am pushing myself to be girlier basically.

Anyway this is quite a niche shopping requirement, but I thought I’d share my tips with you guys in case any of you are in the same predicament.

As well as my maternity wedding style video, here are 10 things to consider when dressing for a wedding…

1. Ideally, pick a dress that has no zips, clasps or buttons even.

This is tricky, but I reckon the key to maternity dressing for an occasion is blending comfort and ease with looking good. If you have to enlist help to get dressed, or worry about something ripping or popping open, it’s not ideal.

2. Pick a fabric that feels great on your bump.

Itchy and sweaty are out. Go for cotton or cool, silky fabrics that feel amazing next to your skin.

3. Go for figure hugging rather than a tent.

It’s tempting to choose very voluminous shapes that cover up. But this can make you look huge. Better, I think, to go for shapes that cling and show off your bump, but also show off your curves.


Pregnancy may be unkind to one area in your case – and that’s fine. Feel free to choose a longer sleeve, or a maxi dress. But make the most of your assets that are, ahem, enlarged right now! Why not, a curvaceous pregnant woman can be sexy you know, it’s OK – you don’t have to look totally demure because you’re up the duff!

5. Wear heels if you so wish.

The first thought when it comes to heels is hell no when preggers. But, I think (and this is from a non-heel wearer at the best of non pregnant times) it can really make you feel and look great. You almost don’t expect it. You kind of think all pregnant women should wear is flip flops. But why not rock a heel and simply take care? You have the right to look glamorous so go for it. Just don’t attempt any radical dance floor moves.

6. Vamp it up – even more than normal.

I feel like, when pregnant, I have the ‘permission’ almost to look more feminine, even a little bit… sexy (cringe) and girly when pregnant. It’s as if normally I would feel too flirty but when pregnant I feel… womanly (double cringe). It’s hard to explain. But it’s true, I really do wear more dresses and ‘go for it’ more when pregnant – especially this time around when I seem to have embraced it more than ever.

7. Don’t feel you have to spend too much.

As you’ll see from the video, I spent less than £50 on a dress – and £11 on shoes. You really don’t have to spend huge amounts to get a great outfit. There are some posh pregnancy brands out there and you could spend a fair whack. But for my money the cheaper high street places are killing it with their maternity style right now.

8. Shop online and try on at home.

When I first shared this video, I received several messages from girls who are pregnant and had trawled the shops looking for things and trying on, with many stores saying to look online where their maternity range is based. Two of them came home with nothing. My suggestion? Look online only and don’t bother hitting the high street. Order 5 dresses or so, try on in the comfort of your own home. Send back ones you don’t want. Simples.

9. Fake tan, HD brows, lash extensions – get them all.

Your hair may well look great right now, and so may your skin (not everybody’s does but most women do bloom a little in pregnancy). So enhance your features, and treat yourself to gels, lash extensions, fake tan – especially if you are due soon. Why? Because they will still make you feel great when the baby is here and you have no time to put on make up. These beauty tricks are great for waking up looking good – make time to top them up and you are good to go most days with a slick of lip balm.

10. Do wear a proper maternity dress (even if you borrow it)!

It’s very tempting to not get a new dress, and to shoehorn yourself into a stretchy old non-maternity one. But I really think you should treat yourself if possible. Skint at the moment? Could you borrow a dress from someone? Do the nails, tan etc yourself? Make yourself feel good – just because you are preggers is no excuse not to go for it. And you really will feel better for having found a beautiful maternity dress rather than a non-mat one that fits badly.



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