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Trying out eco products for the home

I’m pretty sure it’s something most people would happily embrace; having a greener, more eco friendly home. Am I right? I mean, as parents we are the custodians of this planet until our kids take over and then it’s up to them… and so on – hopefully without end. As individuals we can feel a bit lost in the wider scheme of things; I certainly feel like that sometimes. That question of ‘What difference will it really make, you know, if I buy organic, or stop using plastic bags’? But I think as a society if we embrace all the little things that ‘being green’ is about, then hopefully more and more people will – it will be become infectious – and then it will become the norm. A cultural shift, I guess is what I’m talking about.

So I am assuming we all take the recycling out, we all turn lights out when we leave the room, and we try to conserve energy by using eco settings on our applicances? These are easy, no-brainer steps to being greener. Well, thankfully it’s just as easy to go eco with your household products. There are a couple of well-known brands over here that I know of, and like. But Seventh Generation is a new one on me. In fact it’s new over here in the UK – but in the States it’s been about for ages – 28 years in fact! The hilarious Maya Rudloph (of Bridesmaids fame) backs the brand over there – so I’m in good company!

Well, they sent me a hamper of cleaning goodies and I tried them out.

So – big question – is it actually any good?? As this is the biggest reason some people I know have given up with eco products – that sometimes they just don’t do the job as well as non-eco products. In a word, yes. Seriously, honestly, truthfully. I cleaned the whole house yesterday (see the video below) using the general cleaner spray (on sinks, work surfaces, bath etc) and the toilet cleaner (for both toilets) and also the glass cleaner (mirrors, TV – not windows as I didn’t have the time). I supplemented the products with some anti bac wipes, and some furniture polish to do the full shebang.

The main reason I like them, apart from them being effective and also good for the environment, is that they are kind to skin. I always worry about, for example, cleaning the bath with bleach products and then my little kids getting in it afterwards. Know what I mean?

They also sent some washing up liquid and laundry detergent – also both brilliant. The smell is divine – and really subtle – not overpowering like some detergents can be.

As parents I see no other option that to embrace all the products, initiatives, and campaigns that will help keep this planet going for as long as possible. So, will you convert to eco products for the home? Seventh Generation is available exclusively at Tesco – but you can also be in with a chance of winning a hamperful just like mine by entering my competition!

To enter, visit my Facebook page and simply find the competition post – then Like my page (if you don’t already), Share the post and then Comment to tell me you’re in to win!

Don’t forget to watch the video below to see me in full sweaty speed cleaning action with these awesome products!


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