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Download my family meal planner

OK, OK, so you are bloody sick of hearing about people’s New Year’s Resolutions, including mine. But one thing I urge all mums (sorry, parents, but really who are we kidding, it’s mainly mums) to start meal planning if they don’t already. I know, it’s not very rock and roll. But it saves money, reduces stress, you waste less food, you get a good overview of the healthiness of your weekly meals so I think you eat better – and, most importantly, you feel very smug when you do it.

I have added all meals in the columns (breakfast, lunch and dinner) but I only meal plan dinner. Leftovers and obvious things make up the other two. But hey, go ahead if you want to – I admire your planning power! I have also added a strip where you can note down shopping list items (then tear or cut off if you like) as I find this really helpful. Then I nip out and get any bits and bobs as I need them, thus avoiding a Big Shop and therefore spending less and wasting less too.

So here it is. Until I figure out a clever way of linking my free meal planner document in my sidebar I will simply feature it below and then all you have to do is:

1. Click on it to open fully
2. Right click to save it
3. Then print as you need it (I print and plan on a Sunday)

It’s in colour but of course you can print in black and white to save ink.

All feedback welcome! Please share this with your friends too. Let me know how you get on.


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