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Hello 2016 (nearly)

I’ve never written a New Year’s Resolutions type post before. But seeing as I am now branching out into lots of different types of content (this still freaks me out) I thought I would post a little Sayonara type thingy to see out the last year.

In fact, scrap that. This isn’t about looking back. It’s isn’t a goodbye; it’s a hello… And also these are not New Year’s Resolutions. No way. They’re so cheesy aren’t they? And people don’t keep them. Well, I am keeping these. These are KEEPERS! Yes! These babies are positive changes that I will be making from now on; in fact I have already started.

1. I am embracing now. 
As friends on Facebook will know, I am obsessed with this quote, but for the sake of brevity I will just give you a powerful excerpt right here: 

For a long time it seemed to me that life was about to begin – real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way; something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. This perspective has helped me to see that there is no way to happiness. 

Happiness is the way.

I am trying really hard to be very grateful for exactly what I have, because I actually am a millionaire in many ways (you know, apart from in actual cash). 

2. I am taking better care of my body
This means different things to different people. For me, it’s about balance. When I tip out of balance (for whatever reason) I suffer really badly; I can’t cope with stuff I usually find easy. First thing is stopping binge drinking (not quitting drinking, just stopping the drunkenness). Also, I’m prioritising exercise. Just fitting it in when I can, being realistic, but making time for it. I choose running as my exercise as it’s the easiest thing for me. Not to lose weight, but to sleep better and to feel more at peace.

3. I am taking better care of my mind
Again, when I can, I will meditate using the Headspace app. It’s free and so simple. I can do meditation this way; it’s SO do-able. More importantly, I have started writing. Like, proper story writing. I have an idea and I’m running with it. I am planning to go to a writing club to get extra guidance as, to be fair, I have no idea what I’m doing. I feel like I need to express myself creatively (I sounds like such a knob when I say that, but it’s true) and when I’m not taking time to do that, I get really irascible.

4. I’m taking time to do stuff that I love
I have realised that I love going to the theatre, so 2016 will be my year of, well, going to the theatre! I am going to support my amazing local venues, as well as the village ‘am dram’ group. But I also want to take a trip to the West End and see a big show.

I feel so excited about the year ahead. My daughter starts school in September, which is a huge step for our family. My son is changing every day into a ‘big boy’; he’s transforming before my eyes. There are really cool things happening on the farm, like an extension. Also I have some stuff planned for Well Worn Whisk…

I’m really grateful for the past year, even the shitty bits. Because without them I don’t think I would have the clarity I feel right now.

Happy new year, dear readers. XX




  1. January 4, 2016 / 10:33 am

    Rachel I LOVE this blog!! I have just discovered it today after seeing it in " 10 ways to make life lovely" in my country homes and interiors mag! I love it because its real. Not saccharin with sepia lighting….its real and I'm going to spend all evening in from of the roaring fire knitting and reading it! I have four children who have just departed after Christmas and I am all cooked out. But its been fabulous…and now I'm going to stalk your blog and cook new things…and hope it stops raining as I have cut flowers and vegetables to sow !!! Love your writing, well done you . Jennie x

  2. January 4, 2016 / 10:34 am

    Jennie your comment is officially the best one I've ever had! It means so much to me that people like and get what I'm doing. Thank you so much! And also I didn't know that I was featured in that magazine! Rachel xx

  3. January 10, 2016 / 1:54 pm

    Still stalking,..still loving it!! Made the healthy buns from your recipe….My Lord Nevershit ( so christened after a particularly trying conversation with the makes in this house re utilising a toilet brush before exiting the small room) loved them! The downside of your beautiful blog is that my scarf is only a foot long instead of being finished! And the quilt is still in its embryonic stage. In fact why am I sitting knitting in front of a log fire on a Saturday night reading your blog!! I used to dance on tables on a Saturday night a hundred years ago. I fearcubhave finally grown up!!! Off for a spot more stalking….I have tobration your blog so that I don't finish it too soon!!! Jennie x

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