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My hidden haven

The lovely people at White Stuff (you knoooow… they do kind of outdoorsy clothes that manage to be both practical and beautiful – yes, that’s right, them) are asking their customers to share their favourite Hidden Haven – a picturesque place that is unspoilt by popularity and somewhat off the tourist trail. When they asked if I would share mine, and in the process provide pictures of me in said haven wearing their clothes. I was like… hmmmm let me think about that one. Erm, YES!

Who wouldn’t want to spend a day outside in one of their favourite places wearing comfy but stunning attire? I mean, come on! I really had to rack my brain to think which haven to choose, as I have so many, living in the Peak District as I do. I mulled over ideas with my Dad (who took the pictures and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the national park we call home).

He suggested Longshaw, a National Trust estate a stone’s throw from the farm that includes ancient woods (where I decided to do the shoot), parkland and heather moorland. Right now you may be thinking: well, that doesn’t sound very secret, and I suppose it isn’t a secret as such. But it is far, far lesser known that many other well-traversed Peak District beauty spots, like Chatsworth for example. Also, I think Longshaw has so many little bits where you can easily find yourself the only person there. You might spot the odd dog walker, but often it can feel like it’s entirely yours, especially on a weekday afternoon in winter.

Longshaw is where I like to go to take time out. If it’s a nice day I jump in the car and in 15 minutes I am there. I’m usually with the kids (unlike on this day which was a rare treat – no offence kids!) as there is so much space with a wide variety of natural landscapes to discover. Child rearing is so much easier when they can just RUN. We make dens sometimes. And then pop for coffee and cake at the cafe. I always take my camera (like on this day) and take some pictures. During Autumn, as you can see, it’s just breathtakingly beautiful. But it’s actually always beautiful. Really.

There are lots of interesting things to take in, like this fantastically evocative photograph next to the lake of soldiers in a boat. You see, during the First World War, lots of men convalesced at the house in Longshaw; the estate’s beauty and the natural surroundings helped injured soldiers recover. I totally get why Longshaw was chosen for the task. It just has a very peaceful feeling.

Anyway… the CLOTHES! I was really spoilt for choice when I browsed the website. But with the task in mind of sharing my hidden haven I knew I wanted a functional yet pretty get-up. I am slightly predictable when it comes to clothes, and living in the sticks now as we do, I always choose a skinny jean and a jumper, with a coat if it’s cold. This outfit is VERY me! It could easily get boring chucking on similar clothes each day, but shops like White Stuff make the task of dressing for everyday exciting. Their clothes were made for busy mums like me, who don’t want to have to think too much about their outfit, but still love great textures, pretty fabrics and vibrant colours.

I love an ankle boot, and these soft leather tan boots are so wearable; great with skinny trousers, they’d look just as good with a skirt and tights. I adore the rustic looking socks that are poking out the top (pokey-outey socks are my new fave thing on cold days). The trousers are a skinny cord; a really nice change for a skinny jean obsessive like me. The jumper. Oh, the jumper. It’s the softest thing EVER, and the colour is so lovely, it really echoed the mustardy-golden hues all around me. The coat is a great find for me. It is a perfect sling it on and don’t think about it option. The cosy shearling lining is removable too, so on mild days you could whip it out before wearing if you wanted. Finally I chose a cute little beret, which I felt topped off the outfit nicely. Oh, the bag? That’s is actually my every day bag that I bought a couple of years ago. Guess what? It’s from White Stuff too!

Thanks so much to White Stuff for allowing me to share my hidden haven – and more importantly for letting me do it in their wonderful clothes.

Disclaimer: The clothes for the post were provided free from White Stuff. All opinions are my own. Links are no follow as per Google guidelines. 



  1. Anonymous
    November 2, 2015 / 9:27 am

    Love White Stuff. Love Longshaw. But most of all love you Rachel ��
    Go girl ��

  2. November 2, 2015 / 9:32 am

    Hi! Aww not sure who this is, but thank you – that is very sweet of you! X

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