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3 EASY… take to work lunches

Caffe Nero got in touch to tell me about their new Autumn hot food range that they have launched in response to a survey they did on Brits and their lunchtime habits. I found the results pretty sad, really. 1 in 10 people don’t eat lunch. With just over that number eating at their desk. I couldn’t even imagine not eating at lunchtime; I literally couldn’t cope with the day without regular refuels. I would find my hunger too distracting. But hey, it’s quite easy for me as I work from home, doing this.

I did used to have a proper job, really! So I do get it. When you’re super snowed and there is literally no time: for a loo break, for a tea break, for eating. It’s bad, but I remember those times. I always chastise my husband for not having a proper break at lunchtime. He says: “There isn’t always time!” I’m like: “MAKE time!”

So, what’s the solution? Being organised at the weekend is a massive help. I used to make a big load of cous cous, and add roasted vegetables and feta cheese on a Sunday then to it to take into work on Monday and it’d last a few days. Or leftover soup is another great one. Of course, leftovers from the night before can be reheated, but choose the item wisely – I know that it can cause office arguments… you know, if your desk mate is reheating a Jalfrezi. Not ideal.

Alls I am sayin’ is: it doesn’t have to be soggy sandwiches.

Here are 3 easy take to work lunches that, if you get more organised, will have you sealing deals like nobody’s business. (You are an ’80s stockbroker, right?)

1. Cauliflower, broccoli and pesto soup: Make a large batch in advance for the family and take in a flask or reheat in the work microwave. Add hot smoked salmon and croutons – cold – on top for added sustenance.

2. Cannellini bean houmous: I actually prefer cannellini beans to chick peas for houmous. They are smoother and have a nicer flavour. This dip is SO easy to make from tinned beans. Simply take in pitta or crudités like carrot and cucumber to go alongside.

3. Salmon with quinoa and walnut salad: Have this for dinner the night before and make extra – it’s so good cold the next day. Don’t dress the cous cous with yoghurt though as it’s better the next day without.

So what if you can’t get organised and take in home cooked food? Let’s get realistic – it isn’t always  possible…

Well, Caffe Nero can help with their new range of exclusive dishes which can be enjoyed in Caffè Nero’s coffee houses or as a takeaway option. These include, amongst other things: Penne Bolognese in a rich ragu; Mediterranean Vegetable Arrabiata with basil and olive oil (pictured); Pesto and Mozzarella flatbread topped with a creamy mozzarella. Sounds good? And there’s always their glorious coffee to finish. Maybe a cake, too? Mmmm. 

I’ll meet you there. We can catch up on gossip about that new guy… 

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post for Cafe Nero, as such I was paid to write it. All opinions are my own. 


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