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Diary: A day out at Lyme Park

On Sunday the kids and I went to Lyme Park – without Adam on this occasion as he was in Manchester having been to a big bash on the Saturday night. Now, we have been to Lyme Park 100s of times before (it’s only 30 minutes from the Peak District.) Normally we just go to the adventure playground, maybe have a paddle in the stream (which we did, below) and then come home. I’ve always avoided the house and gardens as I just thought they would be nothing special, or maybe a bit dull for kids. Oh my. I was wrong. Really wrong. Yes, Crow Wood (the adventure playground) is awesome; but the gardens are really where it’s at. 

We had an obligatory paddle. Well, it was in the 20s! I was very smug as had provided them with swimwear and wellies for aforementioned paddling. Massive pat on my own back as normally I have no appropriate clothes and they spend the rest of the day wet and miserable. Not today!

We are members, so we get in free to the house and gardens. It doesn’t cost much to join, I think we signed up to an offer. If you are interested in joining (which is basically a must as far as I’m concerned as a parent who likes to get out and about with the kids), then here is a link to the National Trust’s page about membership

What’s ironic is that I didn’t get any snaps of the adventure playground, as I was too busy chasing them around like a maniac. FYI there is a huge wooden play structure, with bridges, a slide, ladders… Plus a sandpit, an area where dens have been made. You get the picture. But at the gardens there is so much to do too… There is a games area on the lawn (above)…

There’s a whole sensory area too, with stepping stones to jump to and from; sandpits to sit in; and really nice, smooth trees to climb. They’d been peeled or something… This bit would be brilliant for toddlers but mine both loved it too.

I kept interrupting play by asking them to look at me whilst I take a pic. So annoying.

Aside from the activities, it’s just so beautiful. The amazing Indian summer weather helped, of course.

I think this part was called The Italian Garden. Every turn you take there is something stunning to look at and something to keep the kids’ interest too.

The whole place is impeccably landscaped. And did you know that Lyme Park is actually Pemberley?! Well it was Pemberley in the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. You know, the one with Colin Firth as an extremely FIT dashing Mr Darcy?

A glass house had gorgeous tropical plants and a glorious fountain inside. I do apologise but I don’t know what it was called… I just thought it was beautiful.

We did not even scratch the surface with Lyme Park house and gardens; there was the whole house to explore, let alone the tearoom which is set out on a lawn and looked stunning when I peeked through a hedge at it. We had to get back though, as we’d been out all day and the kids needed to see their Dad, even in his hungover glory. Lyme Park, we will be back again – very soon. If you want more info then visit the Lyme Park website here.



  1. September 30, 2015 / 8:57 am

    One of our local NT properties and I haven't been in ages. Always special to me as my son has just started walking and was toddling across the spongy grass in front of the house around Easter time. The gardens are beautiful, must try and go back there soon. Great light in your pictures.

  2. March 22, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    Hi – so sorry I just saw this! It's stunning. The actual house and gardens are a revelation as we spend most time in the adventure playground. Thanks for the comment! X

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