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Saturday walk

I have made a pretty big decision. Well, it’s not earth shattering. But in terms of my Well Worn Whisk ‘journey’ it’s big! I am going to publish a wider selection of posts. About things that reflect our family life here in the Peak District. As part of that I will also be changing the blog in terms of how it looks. Don’t worry, I will still always have food and recipes at the heart of Well Worn Whisk. But I just feel like now is the right time to branch out…

I like to think that Well Worn Whisk is really about two things: family and food. Well, since we have moved to the countryside from Manchester our lives have really changed. Now our lives are really intertwined with the country in a way I couldn’t have anticipated. I am a total novice at the whole country girl thing, so this is a learning curve for me. And I want my blog should reflect that. I really hope that’s OK with you!

OK. Update over. Now about the walk…

One thing I want our family to do more is get out and enjoy the countryside. So every Saturday (well, we’ll try our best) we will do a little walk and I will do what my son is always telling me to do – take pictures of things other than food. Here is our Saturday walk for today!

We just did a local one, from the door. About a mile circuit. Walking with kids isn’t the easiest thing. Mine are just 5 and 3, so they moan, whinge, asked to be picked up, stand in poo, fall over and cry, get wet feet as they refused to wear wellies – you know the score. All that stuff. But still. Still I will persevere and drag them out damn it! Mainly because it’s easier than being indoors with them! And also, because once they are out, they always enjoy it. As do I.

Arthur was trailing at the start as he refused to wear wellies, so his feet were getting stuck in the mud and after 5 minutes of starting, were soaking! Oh well, maybe he learned a lesson.

Now he’s starting to engage. We have three big hills around us in Hope. I quiz them on which one is which. This is Losehill (correctly identified by Artie).

I spotted a poisonous foxglove – so Adam told me. I enlisted Artie’s help to get down a steep slope next to the River Noe to get a picture of it. He loved the danger element!

We had to drag him away from the river. His favourite thing in the world is poking about in mud and dirt. He could’ve happily stayed doing this for an hour…

This looks like an orchid of some type to me. A busy little bee was pollenating all of them on the river bank – I desperately tried to capture it but he was too quick.

Adam took this one of me to prove I actually was there! The inevitable. Bea ends up on my shoulders. Oh well. At least we got out the house!


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